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Technical matters

 So, thanks to some server problems, we managed to have a brief outage of the blog recently. Thankfully the impact was minimal and we lost just one posting that I had made on our challenges trying to find a suitable push-chair to upgrade to.

I just wanted to apologise to anyone who has experienced problems trying to access the blog during these issues. If anyone is particularly interested, I can re-hash it for publication or I can provide my thoughts on request!

I hope that readers of this blog are finding the postings of use. We’re really trying to build the site into a useful resource for dads wanting to share their experiences with other dads and hopefully for new fathers to pick up some tips and ideas too.

We’ve now moved the blog to a highly respected blog service ( and hopefully that’ll be the end of the issues.

If you’d like to get involved, please feel free to leave some comments on the blog, or join the forum. 

And, don’t forget, the Market Harborough dads meet up in person regularly too!



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Making a start

When I decided to set up a blog on this site, I never actually realised how limited my time would be to find the opportunity to sit down and write about my experiences as a father.

I have three fantastic children (all 5 years or under) and a long-suffering, but nevertheless, Wonderful wife at home and I try to keep down a demanding job as a Director and Senior consultant within an IT company.

As a result, I should have realised that running a business, coupled with parenting (especially for young children), does not make for lots of free time…

 Nevertheless, I shall endeavour to make some useful and interesting submissions to the site, which will hopefully make good reading.


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