Mimicking dad

One of the more delightful aspects I’ve found to raising children is the way they want to mimic adults, particularly those they spend lots of time with. It’s an obvious behavioural trait of children to want to act like their mummy and daddy whom they observe most during their early years, but sometimes it’s truly charming to see what they come up with.

Luka, who is now two, is always bugging me to go and watch him or play with him (which means watching him play), he’ll grab my hand by the finger and bug me incessently to accompany him. I find that just going along and staying a few minutes usually shuts him up. Mostly he wants to prove to me that he can do something I typically do. And it’s not always routine stuff.

The other day he found a tape measure, so he begged me to follow him – all the way upstairs to his bedroom. Once there he then pulled the tape out and started pointing it at some pictures I’d recently mounted on the wall. I’d been using a tape measure to space them correctly and he had been watching. I was pretty amazed.

This morning we made waffles and I sat him down on the kitchen floor with a plate and a spoon, but that wasn’t good enough, he jumped up and went over to the cutlery drawer to fetch a fork as well. The same thing happened at his second birthday, we presented him with a cake, he squealed then disappeared towards the kitchen. We wandered what he was up to, then he came running back excitedly with a handful of teaspoons and dished them out. 

Often these little episodes can be quite amusing, like when he put on my enormously oversized sunglasses (for fancy dress parties), usually he claps his hands to signify he’s achieved something and now mimics my ‘good boy’ statement. He spilt water all over the kitchen floor yesterday and after I had ticked him off, he wandered outside and came back in with a broom to try and sweep it all away, comical!


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