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Collecting things

One certain thing I’ve noticed about tiny tots is their sense of possessions. This is a theme which I suspect becomes more and more pronounced as they grow older. However, what I find funny is the way they like to amass things and collect them in one place.

Have you noticed how your baby collects together kitchen utensils and puts them all in one big pot, or gathers books and CDs in a pile in the floor? Luka likes to collect various small toys and place them in the basket in front of his little tricycle and off he goes, carrying them around with him.  

It’s strange the way they do this, he isn’t particularly selective about what he stacks in there. He also has a little ‘fire truck’ with a lifting saddle. His favourite is to stack items into the small cubicle under the seat, usually he fills it too much with shoes and even a small cricket bat, then tries to folder the seat down and sit on. 

It’s amazing how industrious little tots can be. I’ll be working away unaware that Luka is busy ferrying CDs out of my bookshelf, only to discover later that he’s stacked them all in a pot in the kitchen. Of course he tends to leave a constant mess everywhere he goes, but I guess he’s having fun.

He doesn’t seem particularly attached to anything but if another child comes around and wants to play with an item he will object and try and take it off him. I think that is typical of all children, they aren’t interested in an object until someone else picks it up and then suddenly they want it.

It reminds me of his earlier months when he would carry something around in his hand, with a sense of possession or need, and would seldom let go until both his hands were full. Then he would place it down on the ground carefully to pick up a new item, as if he intends to come back for it later. In short, they simply don’t have enough hands to hold all the items they’ve commandeered.

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