Reading to kids

The parenting books all suggest you start reading to your children from an early age. For sure, we all loved having stories read to us at an early age and though there is now more TV, and other distractions, nothing soothes a child to sleep better than a fairy tale read from their mother or father.


And so, I read a short little story to Luka three times a week, even though he’s too young to understand it. It’s extra important since English isn’t the main language of the country he lives in and mostly he is surrounded by Thai speakers, so I make a point of reading to him in English so he gets to hear enough of it. I’m sure, in due course, he’ll get plenty of English when we send him to an international school, but it’s the quality time with dad that counts.


At first he wasn’t engaged and was more interested in everything else in the room, or wanted to grab the book and tear the pages. But with a bit of patience he now sits quietly and listens, and turns the pages when I ask him. I put on accents and tones for different characters’ dialogue and sing along to the songs in my off-key voice. I’d probably feel quite embarrassed if my mates could see me, but  just the two of us (and sometimes his mum) we have a great bonding session.


Deferring again to the parenting books, it’s apparently important for children to be in a calm, comfortable and secure mood when falling asleep, and after the disciplining to get him into the bedroom, this soothes him and puts him in a content and placid mood. He also gets to hear plenty of real talking, instead of the garbage from the TV.



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