Sports day


The fun part of having kids is to see them in action. When you consider all the work of feeding, changing diapers, putting up with sleepless nights and messy kids, you can be rewarded with special moments when they are being cute and charming.


Recently there was a sports day at the pre-school we send Luka to. He’s in the youngest class (18 months to 3 years). In Thailand they love uniforms, it’s part of their society and even at 18 months old our son is wearing a uniform to playschool. It’s a uniform nation in many ways and rather than seeing this as stiffling, the Thai are more pleased and delighted to see their little ones in school clothes. Even when the shirts are too big for them.


He does look rather smart and on Wednesdays gets to wear his sports kits and little white sports shoes I had to go and buy (that get used once a week for about 1 hour – the rest of the time they run around bare foot – until he’s grown out of them having barely used them!). 


So, the sports day was a chance for the parents to all show up and be charmed by the sight of their little darlings dashing 10 meters. That was the extent of the competetion and Luka was among the smallest children competing. At 18 months old that didn’t have a clue what they were supposed to be doing. Here’s an account of what happened;


…and in lane five, Luka Chanagan Bond. It was a 10 meter dash. Lane 1 dashed, lane 2 walked, lane 3 took off in the opposite direction, lane 4 dashed then stopped a meter short of the line and looked around as lane 5 took a leisurely stroll and pipped him across the line for THIRD PLACE! Bewildered, Lane 5 runner was put on the podium alongside his buddy Kona who came second. The bronze medal almost hung between his legs, but his daddy was awfully chuffed!



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