Coping with two babies

I have to confess, life is tough at the moment. In fact it’s probably the most difficult period – timewise – a parent is likely to experience. With two babies under 18 months mum and dad have their work cut out for them. Despite having the priviledge of a house cleaner daily and my mother-in-law to take care of the youngest one, two working parents with two babies still in diapers is a nightmare.It really is a full time job that demands the full time attention of two people. Luka, who is now 21 months old is a walking disaster, looking for trouble. He has boundless energy and constantly needs amusing. Although he’s able to amuse himself, this generally involves making a mess, breaking something or getting himself into trouble, so I need to keep an constant eye on him when he’s here. Thankfully he’s at playschool most the day.Annabelle spends most her day either breat or bottle feeding or challenging us to get to nap. She’s now old enough to lie beneath a mobile and practice moving her limbs, but needs almost constant attention otherwise she gets insecure and cries. If she’s irritable its an extra challenge to pacify her. Put the two together and you have a calamity, if one of us needs to take a shower, it’s a juggling act to control both. It’s exhausting and any thought of some free time to relax with the paper is out of the question.The worst times are at night when it’s just the two of us. Getting them to sleep is a real challenge. Neither of our children sleep well, often waking several times a night in tears. Of course the older one’s wailing sets off the younger one, and it all adds up to disruptive sleep which wears you down and affects our work. My advice at this stage, try not to have them too close together if you can.


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