Quality learning time

If you want to sell a baby toy just slap a ‘edutainment’ sticker on it. I’ve come to notice this, since all parents want their kids these days to get smart from an early age. Well, there’s all sorts of ways of looking at this.With a twenty month old, every waking moment is probably a learning experience, they are naturally inquisitive, some more than others, and learn as they go about their daily lives of play. So, letting them play and creating play environments is perhaps a good way to teach them. I’ve realised that Luka is still so young that trying to formally teach him anything requires a great deal of patience and is generally a drag for both of us.He likes to enjoy himself, and I figured that as long as you are generous in allowiing him to tinker he’ll learn prefectly well on his on. However, I do try and teach him simple things when we play, such as sitting down with the shape sorters and number counters. Building blocks are another good toy that interests him, usually I build something and he breaks it down neatly and puts all the pieces away. I’m not sure if all kids are like this, but Luka is very much a a tidy sort.Well, he does leave an enormous mess but he’s also very good at being ‘organised’ in a child sort of way. He will keep himself busy being industrious and ferrying my CD collection out of the office and stacking them in all the pots he’s pulled out of a kitchen cupboard. I likes ordering things and will frenquently open the CD drawer on my pc and take out the CD, find an empty box to put it in and then place a new one in. Kids are funny sometimes!


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