Tidying and untidying

I’ve lost an ipod nano. Actually I lost my visiting sister’s ipod nano, I used it at the gym, put it down when I came home and haven’t seen it since. She was here to see her little nephew for the first time and I suspect his little fingers have relocated it to some place we didn’t think it might be. Months later it might appear, but I’ve been compelled to buy her a new one.

Having little fingers in the house means a perpetual untidiness. They grab everything they can and relocate it. Books get emptied out of shelves, piles of CDs are stacked in the kitchen, and kitchen utensils are deposited all over the house. As if it’s part of his job in this household, Luka can be seen industriously moving things from one place to another. He has a determined look on his face as if he’s an office worker going about his business, and I suspect most other kids do the same.

I’ll be working away and he’ll come up and hand me a pile of papers he’s fished out of the waste basket, as if I really should have them. It’s sweet to see you child purposely handing you things, as if to say ‘here, you’ll be needing these’. I’m not sure whether to congratulate him (clapping hands) for finishing a task or scold him for creating a dreadful mess everywhere he goes.

This is the reality of having kids, especially if you’re habitually tidy like I am. The house becomes one unbearable mess of used clothes, diapers, toys, baby accessories, food, garbage and general items picked up from all over the place. Shoes are great one!  He loves putting on his mums high heels and clunking around the room looking ridiculous (apparently another tots favourite).

So, you can inconvenience your life by sealing up kitchen cupboards, putting almost everything out of reach, and making damned sure you’ve put valuables like ipods away safely instead of leaving them on the kitchen table, or you can perpetually tidy up after your tot. 

Things are sure to disappear, tea spoons run low because they’ve been surreptitiously deposited in the dustbin, books end up in the bath and so on…it’s a nightmare, I tell you. Inversely, garden tools show up in the toilet (he marched in with a rake twice his size the other day), dog food pellets are fished out of my wallet, and I discover business cards in his grasp when he’s nodded off!

On the other hand, he’s learnt where things go. When it’s bath time I help him undress and then he diligently carries the lot over to the laundry basket, sorts the clothes from the diaper, which is then deposited in the trash basket instead, clever chap eh!

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