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The Big One – year old

luka-bday.jpgWe all love birthdays, but celebrating the first ever birthday of an offspring is exciting and unique. At 365 day’s old my son doesn’t quite grasp the occasion but his parents and friends who are parents had a ball!

So, finally, Luka is 1 year old and we decided to invite all his future pals around for a bit of fun. I call them ‘future pals’ because he’s still a bit young to be playing with other children and only knows how to interact with close adult members. As often happens, many other people you know also suddenly have babies at the same time and we had more than 10 kids under the age of three, five of them born during 2006.

Of course the party was really for the new mums and dads, the sort of party you would have absolutely no interest in attending before you became a parent, the sort of party of shrieking kids that you avoided at all costs. But when you’re a patient parent, the site of all these cute little tykes, and the pride you feel with your own baby takes on a whole new meaning.

The fun of being a parent, is sharing the joy and experiences with other parents who appreciate what you are witnessing (a baby growing up), and can sit for hours talking about baby things, whether you’re a mum or a dad (yes dad’s get into these topics too!)

So, we bought him a rocking motorbike (horses are old fashioned) a small push cart (dressed up as a fire engine) which he’ll have to grown into because his feet barely reach the ground, and some educational toys like shape sorters and such. But the most delightful gift I could find was a giant magic mushroom play-pool, about a meter in diameter with a bright read inflatable mushroom sun-shade. Kids just love playing with water and the weather here in Thailand is always warm enough, so we undressed all the little ones and put them in the water – Luka and four girls!

At one year’s old (some of his friends are only 6-8 months), they don’t interact much other than the odd exploratory touch here and there, but Luka did reach over to Zoë grab her face and give her an impromptu kiss, which was hilarious, we all laughed and that prompted him to laugh.

So, with babies everywhere, and a few kids running around making lots of noise, we left them all on one big blanket with the ever-increasing mound of toys Luka is accumulating and all watched with delight. It was a good chance to see how differently babies develop, Ella (at 11 months) could walk, Luka is still learning, but Zara has only just started sitting up and crawling at 13 months.

A one year old birthday party is a great opportunity for parents to get together and swap notes, meet other parents, and for babies to get used the company of other babies. Luka won’t remember his first birthday, but he seemed to enjoy himself and his parents certainly did! The icecream cake was also pretty tasty, what was left of it after he mushed his hand into it.

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