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Sleepless nights

I was kind of hoping that the much talked about issue of sleep depravation was long over after the first few months, but lately it’s come back to haunt me. We have a restless sleeper in the house, in fact two of them to be more accurate.

I’m realising now the importance of getting a sleep routine going. If the baby isn’t completely exhausted at bed time then he won’t sleep through the night. And babies are irritable things when they wake up unscheduled. Irritable babies means lots of crying (usually at 3am), and once the irritable baby’s father is awoken there’s no getting back to sleep easily.

Getting a baby to sleep is one handy way of shutting them up and creating some peace and quiet for yourself, but eventually they will have to wake up and it could be at the wrong time. I realised that in the early evening granny was lulling him to sleep so she could relax and eat, of course he would awaken at 8pm all cheery and remain that way almost until midnight!

In the mornings, when I’ve got to get up and start working (usually about 7.30), after a dreadful night of disturbances, he’s completely out spread-eagled on our bed with my wife and I barely on the edges of the mattress. He won’t stir until 8.30 sometimes! It’s going to be a hassle getting him off to school, I can tell.

So, time to stop letting him sleep beyond 4pm and keep him going until at least 10. He can be very tiresome when he’s tired but not interested in sleeping. When babies are irritable they burst into fits of tears easily, but it does wear them out and before you know it they’ve nodded off into a deep sleep.


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