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Hanging out with Dad

Lately my son Luka has becoming really attached to his dad. He seems to think it’s way more cool playing with me than anyone else in the family and he keeps insisting on being with me. It’s rather flattering but can be exhausting!

Since I work from home it’s starting to become quite challenging dealing with this distraction. The little fella keeps trying to come into my office. No longer content to trash my bookshelf full of books and CDs he now wants me to pick him up and play with him, or at least cart him around the house. This usually keeps him quiet and content but it’s a pain.

So, I’ve had to develop all sorts of tricks to keep his mind on something else while I sneak off to the office and try and get work done. It would work at first, but he’s a fast learner and senses the moment I sneak off. He immediately becomes anxious and whines.

Now, I understand from the baby books, that babies feel far more secure when in the company of someone else, preferably someone they’re familiar with. This is true, and you don’t necessarily need to be playing with them, they will happily amuse themselves, fiddling endlessly with a cornflake box or toothpaste tube, so long as you are nearby. This is because they have learnt attachment to others and is the first steps I think in developing social skills.

I’ve started taking him into the garden to play, leaving him alone on the grass and observing from a distance. He’s fine exploring on his own, especially if it’s something new, but I do need to be there. It’s good time to read the newspaper and sometimes he just stands on the swing chair and gabbles away in his own little word, not doing anything in particular.

Routines like this become important because it can be irritating putting up with his attention seeking and needing to keep him amused. Sometimes I can sit him on the desk beside mine with a pile of stationery to tinker with, while I get on with work. But the bottom line is, he has to be with me. I’ve tried handing him over to granny but he immediately performs and objects to being removed from my company.

Even when his mum comes home from work, he often gets uptight and leans out of her arms towards me, want to be carried around by me. I don’t know if it’s because I make a particular effort to show him what’s going on, narrating everything I do, from preparing a cup of tea, to watering the garden. It interests him more than shaking rattles with his granny I guess.



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