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Making a point

It’s quite bizarre, but at some stage your baby learns to point. He uses his fore-finger in a slightly bent but definite way to identify something which has caught his interest. This is the amazing thing about baby development – no one shows them, but somehow they figure out that the finger is a useful tool to aim at an object they are trying to communicate to you.

Luka, at 10 months old, is more fascinated than ever about everything around him, and if it has a lid, or opens or moves – he’s even more intrigued. For this reason, he’s absolutely obsessed with the ticking clock on the wall besides the kitchen. Every time we pass by he holds up his hand with his crooked finger aimed firmly at the clock.

I always stop and let him investigate it – which means lifting him up so he can touch it. He can’t quite figure out the perpetually ticking seconds hand and tries to grab it through the plastic cover. When he tries to remove it from the wall I bring him down and move on.

I guess, when they start to point it’s important to re-inforce their action by taking them to the object, this way the baby soon accepts that pointing is an effective way to communicate that he wants to go to something or wants it to play with or eat. At this stage Luka is babbling away in a clear attempt to communicate, but it will be a while yet before any meaningful phrases are uttered.

The joy of learning fatherhood is each of these ‘milestones’, where a baby suddenly learns something new and effective for either movement, communication or emotion.

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