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Sitting up

luka10.jpgAt about 6 months old babies learn to sit up. With Luka it happened overnight. We could sit him up and he could support and balance himself for a while but then would topple over and go back to rolling around. Then one day he figured out how to pull himself up, realised the world looked so much more interesting and found out how much more practical it was for playing with his toys and grabbing them. He’s never looked back.

There’s more to this than just a coincidence, for babies are luckily born with an amazing sense of curiousity which motivates them to develop physically in order to more easily get at the things that are fascinating them. I guess we’d do the same if we were bored stiff of lying on our backs staring at a tinkering mobile all day. And this is the driving force I think behing their rapid development that seems to leap forward in bounds after each new phase is overcome.

They spend a month or two after learning to roll over, trying to move around, testing their co-ordination, strength and confidence and one day they figure it out and that’s it. After that they seem to be naturals as if they knew it all along. Even a tiny 5 month old brain realises the comfort, practicality and endless opportunities from being able to sit up.

Now that he’s sitting up, he sees more, grabs more, interracts more, moves his body around more to reach his toys and presto – his whole world multiplied significantly. The next step is obviously crawling, for this truly makes him mobile and some days I try to give him ‘physio’ lessons in how to co-ordinate his four limbs to crawl.


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