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The fridge magnet pacifier

Every baby has a magical silencer! One special object that never fails to capture their attention no matter what mood they’re in. And when the little tot is driving you mad with a fit of tears or endless screaming after he or she accidentally fell over, it’s hand to have something that works every time as a pacifier.

For Luka it’s fridge magnets. Works like dream every time! If he’s in tears and nothing shuts him up and carry him straight over the to fridge door and presto, he goes silent. It amazes me, and thank god I have this little trick to fall back on. Getting him to stop crying and get over a traumatic experience can be challenging.

I’ve got quite a colourful collection, and since his birth made quite a point of collecting them – usually from my travels. There are mini beer mugs from Munich and tiny wooden Santas from Prague . I have a tiny vlog fromHolland and images from South Africa, evn little rice and spice baskets from Thailand. But the one he loves best – his little friend from an Oxford street souvenir shop – is a tiny beefeater, complete with little ropes for legs.

He likes to grab and pull them off the fridge, goes quiet, calms down, and of course puts it straight into his mouth! Like babies tend to do, he’ll then hold onto the treasure for hours, letting go only to grab something else. The poor little magnet has been misplaced countless times and I have to find it and return it to the fridge, for he has his favourites and would certainly miss it.

Isn’t it amazing how these small £1 items keep them persistently amused and becalms them so effectively.


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