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Babies taste everything

After a few months your baby’s co-ordination is developed enough that they begin to handle things. Although the fist grip is said to be an instinctive action from birth, once they’ve learned to use their arms and hold things it’s all over!

I’d been warned about this, as soon as they are able to move about – ie roll over, sit up and eventually crawl their inquisitiveness takes over and they want to grab anything they can. It’s all part of the learning process and I figured it’s good to keep them learning but letting them grab and explore anything they can, provided it isn’t too dirty, or too small causing them to choke. Now there’s a real danger, and that’s what this blog is about.

You see, babies, as you may have notices love to put everything they lay their hands on, in their mouth. Why? Because it’s the first sensory organ they learn to use properly and it starts from day dot when they begin to breast feed. How it tastes is the first lesson in indentifying an object and rightly so, for it’s a mammilian instinct to find food. Shoving it in your mouth to see if it’s edible is second nature. This of course presents a dangerous problem as our environments are full of hazardous things.

Little Luka has put handfuls of soil in his mouth, accidentally got his hands down a loose nappy and sample some poo, chomped on pot plant leaves (his favourite) and a host of odd things. Given him anything and he instinctively puts it straight to his mouth. Take your eyes off him for a minute and he’ll find something that could be fatal. Yesterday he got hold of a mosquito coil stub – yes, highly toxic I know – and was sucking on that. I had to shove my finger down his throat and wipe off all the green poisonous muck!

Of course, you can worry that all these toys and stationery items and so on are covered in germs and shouldn’t be in a babies mouth, but actually it’s a good way for them to build up their immune system. You simply have to learn to keep everything reasonably clean and free of infectious viruses, like mould and so on. I decided from the start to let him explore as much as possible and only take away things that are sharp, small or really dirty.

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