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The three month old dad

luka4.jpgWell, I’ve made it through the first three months. I’m not sure who is more amazed, me or Luka! Looking back it seems so much longer, with all the learning and experiences we’ve had, but the little tyke has grown so quickly that time also seems to have rushed by. He’s gone through several sizes of apparel, nappies, bottles and more… and has doubled in weight since birth.

He’s also commanding centre of attention in our household, and learning how to get it!

I’m picking up this blog at this point, just when he’s developing some important characteristics but as we progress I’ll occasionally recall some of the more important and testing moments of the first months.

To start with I have to say, personally, that being a father really is a wonderful feeling. Excuse me for getting all sentimental here chaps, but once the baby arrives and it’s your own, you find constant amazement in their action, individual character and cuteness. It’s difficult to describe, but suddenly you have all the patience in the world. Out come your parental instincts! If your wife is expecting soon, you can relax and look forward to a rewarding experience, even with all the sleepless nights, nappy changing, wailing and mess.

So, at three months old, Luka has just started to smile! This is probably the most significant development so far in expressing himself and it has us all grinning from ear to ear! Until now, crying, kicking vigorously or making rudimentary sounds to tell us he’s unhappy have been his only form of communication. Of course a smile melts hearts and delivers an universal gesture of approval, so it’s quite a fitting achievement for a three month old.

The smile and laugh game is something he generally only plays with daddy, which makes me feel like a million bucks. If he’s content, fed and not drowsy he loves reacting to dad – who pulls a series of funny faces and then laughs, which elicits a grin and, if I’m lucky, a chuckle or baby laugh (uuurrrr!) which is a real joy to experience and really impresses the girls.

To see your baby reacting in a positive way like this is fantastic, afterall, laughing is a basic human emotion of approval that all of us seek in others, so it’s quite something to see early signs of stimulation and emotional response like this!

As dads, we find ourselves indulging in ridiculous behaviour to amuse our little tykes (stuff you wouldn’t want your mates to catch you doing!), but it’s a great feeling to get a happy reaction and it’s an excellent bonding experience – which I think is important from the start.

Meanwhile, we’re settling into a routine and it hasn’t been too tough, with him now sleeping through the night often. It’s been a quite a busy few months but at this stage we seem to have everything sorted!

I’ll get to the rest in the next blogs.


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