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Restless babies, sleepless dads

I’m not sure if all babies are like this but my son really wants to move around. Perhaps he’s taking after his daddy already with traveller tendencies but he certainly gets bored quite easily and becomes restless. The only way to shut him up is to carry him around so he can see everything. The moment I stop moving he starts performing and whining.

So, we go on excursions round the garden, and he’s good as gold, quietly observing everything, touching the leaves, looking around. I think this is really important for tots from about 2 months old. They are absorbing everything, learning by seeing – so that everything around them is new and interesting. Leaving them lying in their cot to star up at the ceiling really isn’t doing their development much good, which is why he gets really antsy when placed in the cot.

I find that it’s related to his boredom. If he’s just woken up and still drowsy he’s happy to be left in a baby seat (carrier) or cot, or if he’s content after a feed. But after awhile he wants to get mobile. Of course he can’t do this so he starts to perform until daddy picks him up. It gets quite tiresome because even if I suddenly sit down he cotton’s on and starts whining. So, up I get and off we go again.

Of course, you can do the familiar rounds of the living room and there are particular objects and areas he’s always fascinated in, such as the interior of the fridge, the key rack, fridge magnets, people working in the kitchen, ornaments and so on. The point is, he needs stimulation and lots of it (with his tiny attention span).

One useful item is a carry harness, a baby-backpack I call it, which allows me to suspend him in front of my body, freeing up my hands to get on with other things. He’s quite content to sit in this and watch me preparing vegetables (no cooking over the stove mind you!), and other things which fascinate him, and I think this is a highly recommended accessory for carrying the baby, getting on with your tasks and allowing him to learn and be stimulated all at once.

Once the baby is beyond two months old you can get a bit adventurous and take him out of the house on shopping trips etc. Of course, if you have no choice the baby might have been venturing out from 1 week old if there is no babysitter available. From 3 months old it’s a good exercise in stimulation I think, provided you choose an environment that isn’t too chaotic.


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Blogging blagging daddy


 I’m Luka’s dad. I’m also the editor of I’m a first time dad, Luka was born on March 24th 2006, so I’m figuring this all out as I go. I helped Peter (another blogger and site owner) build this site based on our own experiences and much reading and learning when I became a dad.

You may have to ignore the post dates to avoid confusing yourself. This is mark II of the dadsandtots blog, we upgraded to better software and have had to retrofit this blog with previous blog entries over the past year.

Feel free to comment or become a blogger yourself. If you wish to join the world of blogging dads email us on blogging@ (remember to remove the space after @).

Hopefully our posts and experiences will help and amuse you as a dad.



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